Student Wellbeing

Bernadette Wright is employed by Specimen Hill Primary School as our Wellbeing officer.  Bernadette’s  role is to work in every classroom covering the values that the school embraces, such as persistence, resilience, honesty, excellence and respect.
Bernadette runs a classroom program with every grade, from Prep to Grade 6.  She  covers topics such as - what to do if you’re bullied; the concept of naming it and standing up for ourselves in a strong way.   Bernadette  talks about any issue that touches the lives of children and their families.  The class program is enhanced by using a range of tools such as lovely story books, cards and other activities.  Bernadette welcomes all children to talk to her, either on a 1-1 basis, or group talks.
She also works with families from our school community around a range of issues.   Bernadette helps with issues such as separation, death, illness, anxiety, stress and will also assist to make referrals to agencies who can help families further.  Parents/Guardians can phone the school to make an appointment to see Bernadette.

Student Welfare

A copy of the SHPS Wellbeing Program is available on request.  It addresses the following issues:-

  • Rights and Responsibilities                                                
  • Anti Bullying
  • Rules                                                                                      
  • Consequences                                                                        
  • Supportive Action Guidelines                                           
  • Managing Behaviour Proactively                                       
  • Classroom Plan                                                                  
  • Violent Behaviour and its consequences                           
  • Alternative Lunchtime Program                                        
  • Healthy Relationships Program                                         
  • Seasons For Growth                                                          
  • Star/Pupil of the Week/Day                                               
  • Buddy System                                                                   
  • Peer Mediation                                                                   
  • Co-operative Learning  
  • Restorative Practices                                                     
  • Speci Wellbeing Program.