Grade 5/6

Senior School: Years 5/6; Inspiring Leadership, Resilience and Excellence in all students

We value education and the importance of enjoying school; through learning, opportunity, team work and being part of a supportive school community. Our school values represent how we learn, act, behave and enhance our involvement as active participants, now and in the future.

We pride ourselves on developing independence and self-management skills in students, through a range of engaging activities that cater for all students learning needs respectively. We provide valuable learning opportunities that are engaging, purposeful and student centred, whilst promoting excellence, positive values and a strong emphasis on high expectations for ongoing achievement and success. 


Our learning environment involves tasks that have an individual, collaborative and team based approach; supporting curriculum needs and achievable goals both academically and personally. We have an open plan design where learning is child centred rather than teacher-oriented. This allows students to effectively develop skills for managing themselves in an open learning space, also supporting the preparation for open plan settings common to Secondary Schools.  

The range of extra-curricular programs offered across the Senior School, involve experiences that assist the development of leadership, community values, personal wellbeing and student excellence. Our focus is to ensure we enrich learning through the use of ICT tools, interactive technologies, co-operative strategies, thinking tools and experiences connected to real life. We work hard to deliver programs that provide the best opportunities for our students, ensuring they are well equipped for lifelong learning. We enjoy our learning environment and all being part of the Senior School team at Speci!


The following include extra-curricular activities offered to senior school students;           

  • Leadership Team
  • Chinese Confucius School
  • School Responsibilities; assembly/front office/bins/flag/bike shed duties
  • School Representatives at Services/Ceremonies          
  • Junior School Council         
  • Sports and Recreation events
  • Prep Buddy Program
  • Personal Development Sessions
  • Circus Program
  • Senior School Science
  • School Fair Stall Holders
  • Aged Care Home visits
  • Cluster Schools Secondary Transition Program
  • Year Six Graduation

Students in Grade 6 have the opportunity to be part of the SHPS Leadership Committee. These students organise activities/fundraisers. They run Monday afternoon school assemblies and the circus program.