Specimen Hill's management policies and programs are constantly reviewed to ensure our children receive the very best education possible, reflecting our community's expectations to promote traditional values, whilst keeping abreast of the very latest in learning.

Policies are also in the process of being uploaded to SENTRAL. Policies can be requested in hard copy from the administration office. We want to invite you to actively contribute and provide feedback on our policies. You can give feedback in writing to the Principal, Jac Louttit; alternatively, you can contact one of our school council members.




Action Plan Aboriginal Learning Wellbeing And Safety (Updated 2023)


Administration Of Medication Policy (Updated 2023)


Anaphylaxis Policy (Updated 2023)


Asthma Policy (Updated 2023)


Attendance Policy (Updated 2023)


Bullying Prevention Policy (Updated 2023)


Bus Safety Policy (Updated 2023)

Camps and Excursion Policy (Updated 2023)


CCTV Policy


Child Safety Induction Pack (Updated 2023)


Child Safety Policy (Updated 2023)


Child Safety Code Of Conduct (Updated 2023)

Child Safety Responding And Reporting Obligations Policy And Procedures (Updated 2023)

Complaints Policy (Updated 2023)


Curriculum Framework Policy

Digital Learning Policy (Updated 2023)


Duty Of Care Policy (Updated 2023)


Enrolment Policy

First Aid Policy (Updated 2023)

Health Care Needs Policy (Updated 2023)


Inclusion Diversity Policy (Updated 2023)


Mobile Phone and Devices Policy (Updated 2024)


Photographing Filming Recording Students Policy (Updated 2023)


Placement Policy


Procedures Accidents and Incidents Policy


Parent Payment Policy SHPS


Parent Payment Policy DET


Privacy Policy


Respect For School Staff Policy (Updated 2023)


Statement Of Values And School Philosophy Policy (Updated 2023)


Student Wellbeing Engagement Policy (Updated 2023)


Uniform Policy


Visitors Policy (Updated 2023)


Volunteers Policy (Updated 2023)


Working With Children (WWC) Register Procedure (Updated 2023)


Yard Duty Supervision Policy (Updated 2023)